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Fifteen years prior to the start of the series, Luna was created by Jennifer Kajiwara as part of the Agency's project to create a super soldier. Luna was raised at the base until age 15, when she started going to Nobel High.

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After breaking into the Bruckenstein Embassy in Paris, France, Luna is sent to Nobel High since all of the files had something to do with the place or the staff or students. Her cover is that Dr. Collins and Control are her parents that have homeschooled Luna until the present time. On her first day of school, Luna is judged and ridiculed by many of the students, especially Elizabeth Westbrook, with the exception of Oliver Riggs and Francesca Aldana.

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As shown on the covers of the Manga, Luna has long brown hair with bangs that is usually in pigtails that go to about her ankles. She also has purple eyes and light skin. She has been seen in a lot of outfits, but the most notable are her stealth gear and her Nobel High Uniform. Her stealth gear is said to make her look like a Ninja. Her Nobel High uniform has a red, long sleeve top with white cuffs and collar, where a large black bow is located. She wears a short black skirt that has a white stripe near the bottom, along with white socks and brown shoes.

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